Unified By Strength


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Inspired by our first Unified campaign and International Women’s Day, our new Unified By Strength video follows the stories of three women. Our unsung heroes. They have very different lives and challenges, but they are unified through strength-training.

Unified By Strength


Oner Active Athlete Noelle – who provides the voiceover for our campaign – is a single working mother to 6-year-old Xander. Based in California, she is a full-time online coach and mental health advocate. “I’ve made it my mission to encourage women to love themselves,” she explains. Despite the constant juggle, Noelle always makes time for her strength-training routine – often taking Xander to the gym with her.

“From a young age, I knew that the one consistent thing in my life would be my work ethic and my drive to be successful,” explains Minnesota-born Carissa. Her full-time tech job means that even during her time off at the gym, she’s often answering emails and team chats. The former army recruit and Oner Active Affiliate explains: “My love of fitness has never faltered or failed me; I owe a lot of who I am to the gym and the athletic community.”

The third woman in our video is a graduate student at UCLA. Orey is studying for a second degree in social welfare and is part of the Oner Active community. “Balancing my schedule is difficult but rewarding. I am passionate about fitness and empowering other women to move their bodies.” Orey wakes up at 4.15am to hit the gym before her studies.

Our video is a reminder that no matter who you are and what you do, strength training unifies us and gives us the power to inspire change in ourselves and others.

Unified By Strength


Bringing femininity to the lifting space, our second Unified capsule lands on 5th March. It features four new colourways, which can be mixed-and-matched with styles from our first Unified collection, and two new designs – a cropped jacket and a loose-fit vest.

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