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Info about your order

We are so sorry to inform you that due to a technical glitch from our IT department, we sold more stock than we had. Unfortunately, we are unable to send the Jersey collection items to you at this time.

We are truly sorry for this situation, as we know how excited you were about this drop. Since we do not want you to miss out because of the mistake we made, we are proposing the following two solutions:


Option 1:

If you want to receive your order with your Classic Jersey item(s), we will make an exclusive and special-restock just for you and send your item(s) with express shipping at the beginning of January.

With your item(s), you will also receive a $31 CAD gift card to apologize for the delay and to thank you for your patience. The gift card will be sent via email at the same time as your order is shipped.




Option 2:

If you don’t feel like waiting and would rather shop other Oner Active items, we can cancel your original order and issue you a gift card to cover the full value of your cancelled order plus an additional 10% added to the gift card value on top.

The gift card can be redeemed at any time in our store and is valid for a period of 3 years.

If you do NOT wish to proceed with Option 1, please contact our customer care team via WhatsApp oder iMessage.

Contact Us

If we don’t hear from you by Friday, we will proceed with Option 1 above, and you will automatically receive your item(s) and gift card in January.

We appreciate you so much and truly apologize for this mistake. We hope to do better in the future.


Oner Active Team x

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